Spirit's Script

Understanding the Language of Spirit Communication

You do not walk this path alone. Spirit are right beside you.

"The world is full of magic things,

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

  • - W.B. Yeats


You were born from spirit, you'll return to spirit. It's in your spiritual DNA.

Spirit are always there, always communicating with you. Are you ready to receive their guidance?


What's included

3 Part Course

Over 12 lessons and videos to heighten understanding of spirit communication


Immerse yourself in the lessons and course within the APP, over and over again.


Listen to meditations to support your growth and inspire a deeper sense of self.


You are not on this journey alone. Connect to your peers in a private community forum.

Gain a deeper understanding of how spirit communicate with you, and how you can awaken to their constant guidance in your life.

An integral part of our purpose and role here is to know spirit, and to build a relationship with them. "Spirit Script: Understanding the Language of Spirit Communication" will help you understand your superpowers, and instill in you a deeper connection to the divine.

Don't let fear of what you 'think' you can't do. It's time to be aware of the connection you've always had - that of spirit in your life.

Are You Ready to Communicate with Spirit?

Join Kim in "Spirits Script: Understanding the Language of Spirit Communication" and how to build your own relationship with spirit and the divine.

The investment in yourself is only $144AUD

Meet the Teacher

Kim Bleeze

Spiritual teacher and mentor, Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and founder of Fierce Truths Magazine & The Soul Journey APP

My name is Kim Bleeze, and I am a spiritual teacher and mentor specializing in mediumship, psychic development and soul expansion. I understand entirely if you're feeling apprehensive or unsure about your spiritual gifts and what you're truly capable of.​I've been where you are, and I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be. But I want you to know that you don't have to navigate this journey alone.

My approach to teaching is heart-centred and soulful, with a deep understanding that each person's journey is unique. A safe space has been provided for you to explore your gifts and develop your spiritual connection.​Whether you're just starting out on your spiritual journey or you're looking to deepen your understanding and expand your abilities, I am committed to guiding you towards your highest potential.​So if you're ready to step into your power and connect deeply with your soul's path, I invite you to join me on this journey.

Let's explore the limitless possibilities that await you and unlock the magic within. Your Path of Purpose is waiting.

Frequetly Asked Question

Do I get access to the course straight way?

Almost. As soon as we see your order come through (this can take a few hours) Kim's team will hook you up! Allow for up to 12 hours for you to receive access to the Spirit Script. We'll try to get it to you a little quicker though.

Where do I access Spirits Script?

Good question! You'll have full access to the course via THE SOUL JOURNEY APP (both on your fav mobile device and webapp). This makes it easy for you to digest the content anytime you want! We'll send you the details to log in, once you are registered, we can unlock access to the course for you.

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