Lighting the path for others to follow...

Hi, I'm Kim Bleeze and let me tell you a little about myself...

I’ve always been drawn to mystical side of life as well as an uncanny belief and knowing that there was more to life that we could see or understand. I’ve always had this calling to discover more and peek between the fringes of life to uncover the hidden meaning and bigger picture.

When I think back to when I was a little girl, I had many experiences of seeing faces hoovering in windows, invisible people in the room with me at night and seeing shapes and shadows appear with no explanation or out the corner of my eye. I believed myself to be different, odd, weird and so kept it to myself and as I became older, I blocked it out. Forgetting about it almost completely.

Although I had this innate understanding all through my younger life, because of the blockages I created, I was late coming into my psychic abilities and the discovery that spirit really did exist.

Instead I turned to a life of drugs and alcohol abuse, starting from the early age of 14. It covered up the feelings of being different yes, but it also numbed the pain of feeling unseen and invisible due to the life-path experience of trauma through childhood sexual abuse.

I fell into a vicious cycle of drugs and teenage promiscuity, barely understanding I had the right to say no. I spent my teenage years feeling alone and abused, with the thoughts of suicide rarely far from my thoughts. It led me to find comfort in anyone that offered me the slightest interest, with the belief that sex was my only access or currency to love.

It was all I knew for many years...

...and reached a peek when I stepped into the life-path of being groomed for the adult sex industry.

(You can read more about all of this in my book & watch me speak about it in my Awaken the Heart event)

And then, when I 20, I met my savior. He gave me love and a feeling of belonging and it motivated me to leave the world of sex and drugs behind.

It was a whirl wind romance and he gave me purpose. We fell in love quickly and soon became pregnant with our first child, a responsibility that neither of us had the life experience for.

Our relationship turned toxic very quickly and that great love I thought I’d found? Became violent and emotionally abusive. I spent the next 5-6 years we were together living in fear. A fear that continued for almost 20 years after I had the courage to leave…

Things began to make sense, I began to make sense and my unfolding of truth began. This beautiful tapestry of self-awareness and guidance from spirit. They gave me something to believe in and the desire to fully live my life. In service to Spirit and most importantly, myself.

It's been a crazy journey, all leading me towards this point.

I now live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with my now adult children still at home. I am blessed with a small home studio where I see students and clients from and, also host my phone and skype sessions.

My journey has certainly been a colorful one and it has been through the process of my own healing journey that has enabled me to step up and step out of my comfort so I can light the path for others.

Now I work within the Spiritual Industry...

I wear many hats. That of medium, psychic, mentor, teacher, speaker, coach, healer, artist and author. Most importantly, a teacher of spirit, oneness and soul wholeness.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked as a professional Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Teacher to thousands of clients and students, both in Australia and Overseas.

I have been on my own deep journey for many years; one of healing and of learning. Opening the doorway to study with teachers both in Australia and overseas. I hold certifications as a Master Teacher in Mediumship & Psychic Development through LWISSD; and personally, mentored in my training by Internationally renowned Lisa Williams.

I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP & Matrix therapies and Life Coaching, with an interest in Soul Development.

And now, with the intent on furthering my own soul growth, I am currently undergoing Leadership & Transformational Business Training with soulpreneur Jeffery Slayter. All this with the belief that we can only lead someone into the depth of healing we are willing to go to ourselves. And I’ve traveled deep…



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Ultimately, I work with Spirit to bring the remembrance of love into people’s hearts. As well as to awaken lightworkers to their own abilities and belief in self. Making in possible to them to own their sovereignty and step passionately into their soul’s purpose.

Enabling them to light the path for others as I light the path for them…

This can happen in a few ways:

Private psychic or mediumship readings
1:1 Soul Coaching Sessions
Mediumship Mentoring
Live Events & Trainings
My NEW Academy – Lightworker By Design


Although I use a mixture of the above-mentioned modalities in the work that I do as, it is my extremely close connection to Spirit that is the most important.

It is through their guidance, I can guide others. It is through their support, I can now hold space for others. It is through their love in share knowledge, that I can now teach others… Whether that be in a private reading, coaching session, program, live event or the platform of my new Academy. My work is always as it should be – limitless in opportunity and versatile in approach.