Lighting the path for others to follow...


The On-Purpose Kickstarter is a new and exciting 2 hour session that will motivate, inspire and absolutely kick you up the %&#@ and into taking action to rediscover your purpose here.

I say rediscover... because your soul already knows what your life's design is and what is needed for you to step into that truth.

It's time for a better version of yourself, you know the one that you've been dreaming of?

Join me for a 2 hour session in which we will take a deep look at your life with the intent to create a one you desire.

I will use a mixture of psychic & intuitive abilities, spirit direction and coaching & nlp modalities to kickstart you into purpose.



per 2 hour session


30 minute catch-up session

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Payment is required to secure all appointments.

  • On-Purpose Kickstarter
  • $400
    per 2 Hours
  • 1 x 2 Hour personalised session.
  • 1 x 30 minute catch-up session.
  • Monthly Package
  • $400
    per Monthly
  • On-Purpose is a Prerequisite
  • 2 x 1 Hour Sessions
  • 2 x 15 minute check-in calls
  • Email support



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Ultimately, I work with Spirit to bring the remembrance of love into people’s hearts. As well as to awaken lightworkers to their own abilities and belief in self. Making in possible to them to own their sovereignty and step passionately into their soul’s purpose.

Enabling them to light the path for others as I light the path for them…

This can happen in a few ways:

Private psychic or mediumship readings
1:1 Soul Coaching Sessions
Mediumship Mentoring
Live Events & Trainings
My NEW Academy – Lightworker By Design


Although I use a mixture of the above-mentioned modalities in the work that I do as, it is my extremely close connection to Spirit that is the most important.

It is through their guidance, I can guide others. It is through their support, I can now hold space for others. It is through their love in share knowledge, that I can now teach others… Whether that be in a private reading, coaching session, program, live event or the platform of my new Academy. My work is always as it should be – limitless in opportunity and versatile in approach.

"Lighting the Path for others to Follow..."