Lighting the path for others to follow...


I'm blessed to have either studied with, learn from, been a client of, some amazing practitioners and healers throughout my journey. And I wanted to share them with you here so you can discover them for yourself.

Alternative Therapies

Jason D. Varga

Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Jason uses a holistic approach to mental health care. Using Intuitive counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and a mix of psychic and psychotherapy modalities. Jason guides his clients into becoming the best version of themselves hence helping them on their path.


Narelle Clyde

Success Coach

Narelle Clyde is an International Success Coach with a mission to guide you on your journey to clarity and purpose. Narelle works with awakening men and women to create freedom, abundance, and ultimately, a life and business by their own design.

Andrea Martell

Purpose to Profit Coach

Andrea is a Coach and Professional Development Trainer, she’s all about Levelling up leadership, life & business for a rich & fulfilling life. Andrea also the founder of Synergise Training, loves supporting professional women in ultimately getting what they want.

Dominque Gray

Transformation Coach

Dominique provides passion & purpose to people awakening on their souls journey using a mixture of nature, play, music, & coaching modalities. Her experience in the personal development & fitness industry installs trust & safety for clients to grow and come back to self.

Phone: 61+ 435 465 023

Spiritual Development Teachers

Kim Bleeze

Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Mentor

Kim Bleeze is an International teacher and mentor and has spent the last 10 years developing her skills with the intent to help others develop theirs. Alongside her other talents, Kim prides herself with a close connection to spirit and the teaching of Mediumship is her greatest passion.


Benjamin Venes

Spiritual Development Teacher

Benjamin's purpose is to help people discover their own power, strength and wisdom through compassion, creativity and spiritual guidance. He has spent many years dedicated to the teachings of psychic & mediumship skills and runs workshops & weekly classes in Port Melbourne.