Lighting the path for others to follow...


There is nothing more personal than sitting with a client in-person or on the phone. With the specific intent to connect to information about what is going on it there life. Or to connect purely with their deceased loved ones. Words cannot express the amount of healing and love that shows up for both my client and the spirit involved...

  • 30 Minute Reading

    This is for a 30 mediumship OR psychic reading either by phone or in person for Australian clients and Skype for International clients.
  • 60 Minutes Reading

    This is for a 60 minutes fully inclusive reading either by phone or in person for Australian clients and Skype for International clients.

Among the many ways I love to do my bit to serve humanity, I also specialize in private mediumship and psychic readings.

These can be done via phone and face-to-face for Australian clients. Or by Skype for International clients.

Those serious about booking time with me, would be potentially interested for a few reasons and if you read on, I have included some of them.

Spirit are always there. Supporting us, guiding us... Loving us.

You just need to believe...

- You have deceased loved one/s in the spirit world that you wish to connect with.

- You are looking for validation that a deceased loved one is around you and proof of survival after death.

- You are grieving and feel the desire to connect with your loved one to aid with healing.

- You just miss your deceased loved one and would like to hear from them again...

- Feelings or thoughts of being unclear, stuck or uncertain of where you are in life.

- Need guidance and help to move forward on your path.

- In need of answers for some of life's tricky questions.

- Would like to know what the future can potentially hold for you.

- You would like to hear what guidance your Spirit Guides have to give.

To book your session, simply click the pink button below and follow the instructions.

Payment is required to secure all appointments.

IMPORTANT: International clients are via Skype or FB Messenger ONLY.

"Lighting the Path for others to Follow..."